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Terminal Protocols

Terminal Calf Protocols


Be sired by Integrity Beef accepted bulls (see bull requirements)
Have individual tag or brand identification
Purchase electronic identification tags from the Alliance if sold at value-added calf sale or other sale requiring an EID Tag
Be from groups with recorded first and last birth dates of the calf crop (or recorded individual birth dates)
Have individually recorded weaning weights preferred, but group (trailer) weight by sex will be accepted.
Be preconditioned for a minimum of 60 days
Be trained to eat from a bunk and drink from a water trough at weaning
First year of membership test negative for PI-BVDV and conduct surveillance test on years ending in “5” or “0.”
Calves must be dehorned (no horn tissue present) and healed by sale day. Males must be castrated and healed by sale day. Brands must be healed by sale day.
All withdrawal dates must be cleared for any medication, vaccination or dewormer administered to the calves before shipping day.