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Program Overview

Terminal Calf Program

Participation in the Integrity Beef Alliance is approved by the member-run board of directors. Following the board’s acceptance into the program, participants are oriented to Integrity Beef’s herd health and bull requirement protocols and asked to agree, in writing, to the required elements and criteria.

Member Profitability Report

The Ten Year Annual Member Profitability Report has been summarized and can be viewed as a PDF file.

Program Components

Value-added Calf Sale

Participation in the value-added calf sale is not a requirement of the program; rather, it’s an additional marketing avenue. Alliance members in good standing are allowed to use the Integrity Beef name and logo when marketing their cattle at any time throughout the year.

Protocol & Reputation

Failure to implement the required elements and criteria of the protocol can result in dismissal of the producer or exclusion of certain cattle. Such decisions are made at the sole discretion of the board of directors. Additionally, to protect the reputation of Integrity Beef, participants agree that Integrity Beef representatives have the ability to remove calves from the value-added calf sale that do not fit the physical type or quality standards of the program.

Protocol Oversight

Importantly, members do not implement management protocols on their own. Agricultural consultants will assist participants with plan implementation. Consultants will work with producers to manage herd weight, yield productive forage supplies, implement the required herd health protocol, prepare cattle for market and identify the optimum market for members’ cattle.

Data Consulting

Throughout the process, agricultural consultants and other personnel will assist in data collection, compilation and interpretation. At the end of each year, participants will receive a report that summarizes each participant’s herd data, as well as that of all Integrity Beef cattle in aggregate to use as a benchmark.

Eligibility requirements


Cow herd and bulls must meet Integrity Beef Alliance standards. All requirements must be maintained for continued participation in the Alliance.
All cows and bulls must have a negative PI-BVDV status. Producer must provide documentation to Integrity Beef Alliance staff. New purchases must test negative prior to commingling with established herd. The first calf from a purchased cow must also be tested. The breeding season for qualified calves from the mature cow herd must be 90 days or less; 75 is preferred.
The breeding season for qualified calves from the mature cow herd must be 90 days or less.
Producer must have a defined herd health program that is compliant with the Integrity Beef Alliance health program. A herd health protocol will be supplied to each member.
Producer must record at least first and last calf birth dates in each calving season.
All calves must be preconditioned according to Alliance protocol.


Ranch owner and/or ranch manager must have Beef Quality Assurance certification.
Producer must individually identify calves with Alliance-approved ear tags.
Producers are expected to share ranch production and financial information with Alliance designated staff or contracted third party auditing company. All information is strictly confidential and will not be shared on an individually identifiable basis. This includes preconditioning costs, annual farm or ranch income and expense statement, and current agricultural enterprise financial or farm net worth statement.


Alliance members reaffirm their membership annually at the beginning of each year and pay the $2/head membership fee.
Producer must be approved for membership by the Integrity Beef Board of Directors before allowed to sell within the program.