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Program Overview

Replacement Female Program

What is it?

The purpose of the Replacement Female Program of the Integrity Beef Alliance is to allow replacement buyers to purchase females that have a solid health status, gestate a high-quality terminal type calf that is prequalified for the Integrity Beef Alliance Terminal program, and has DNA information available for the replacement female that no other program currently provides. This DNA information allows buyers to select females based on genetic merit in addition to phenotypis correctness and appeal.

Who is it for?

The RFP is for producers looking for quality replacement females for the Integrity Beef Alliance Terminal program, however, this is not intended to be the only source of buyers. Additionally, the RFP can help serve as a catalyst to producing new Terminal program members when they purchase program eligible females and recognize the benefits and value of the quality terminal program.

Subsequently, both programs should be able to feed off of and back into the demand side of the equation as each program grows. Buyers at large can purchase RFP animals as well.

Program Requirements

All females must be owned at least 60 days prior to breeding. All documentation is required before a female may be certified and sold as an Integrity Beef Alliance Replacement Female.
Females must be managed in a defined breeding season not to exceed 75 days of natural bull service. This does not include AI breeding date.
Qualifying females will receive a program ear tag to validate the certification and membership of the Alliance
Growth implants are NOT allowed to have been previously administered to the heifers at or after weaning.
Females that pass all standards and are qualified to be in the program will be called “Integrity Beef Alliance Premier Replacement Female”
Heifers must meet a minimum pelvic area of 140 cm2 prior to breeding.


The RFP participants will have the ability to certify and sell their females to Integrity Beef Terminal feeder calf producers who already recognize the value of genetic improvement through the purchase of quality bulls. Market venues will include but are not limited to traditional private treaty, forward contract, and a special sanctioned RFP sale. Additionally, females can be sold to producers at large who are not already in an Alliance program.