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Integrity Beef Marketing

Producer members of Integrity Beef Alliance maintain sole ownership of cattle and retain the right to market animals as they choose. The Integrity Beef Alliance does not mandate a marketing endpoint. Integrity Beef Alliance may assist producers with identifying and analyzing marketing options and will organize Integrity Beef Alliance marketing events (i.e., Integrity Beef value-added calf sale).

Participants marketing cattle individually (i.e., outside an Integrity Beef Alliance sale) may request a certification letter that will verify cattle meet Integrity Beef standards and protocols with approval from the Integrity Beef Alliance executive director.

Nonqualifying Integrity Beef Calves

Cattle that do not meet the standards stipulated in Integrity Beef Alliance program protocol and requirements (even if produced on an Integrity Beef Alliance member’s ranch) cannot be marketed under the Integrity Beef name, logo or other variations. Marketing nonqualified Integrity Beef cattle under the Integrity Beef name, logo or other variations will result in termination of Integrity Beef Alliance membership.

Integrity Beef Alliance Value Added Calf Sale

The Integrity Beef Alliance value-added calf sale is sanctioned by the Alliance board of directors on behalf of the membership. Agricultural consultants, Alliance board members and general members assist in the organization of the sale and validation of the calves to be marketed in the sale at the request of the Alliance Board. Alliance producer members whose calves meet all protocols of the Integrity Beef Alliance program are voluntarily eligible to participate in this marketing venue.

The value-added calf sale usually takes place annually the first Wednesday of December at OKC West Livestock Market Inc. at El Reno, Oklahoma. To be eligible to participate, calves have to be weaned and preconditioned for at least 60 days preceding the sale event. Calves have to meet all protocol criteria including submission of health records to the executive director prior to the calves being shipped.