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Estimated Alliance Costs

What Does It Cost?

Enrollment Fee

Terminal program enrollment fee is $1 per female bred or exposed to qualifying Integrity Beef Alliance bulls in the ranch inventory on Jan. 1 of the membership year. Enrollment fees will be collected and allocated to the Integrity Beef Alliance for use as the board of directors designates as needed.

Program Tags

All calves that are consigned to sell in the value-added calf sale are required to have an Integrity Beef Alliance electronic ID (EID) tag. This tag has the Alliance logo stamped onto the back to help brand the cattle and Alliance with the buyers. Additionally, a unique EID is required to identify, track the calves, and to pay the Alliance member for every pound of calf they send to the sale. The cost of the program compliant tag is $2.

PI-BVDV Testing

Persistent Infection of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus

Testing of all calves and any cow without a calf at side is required the first year of enrollment to ensure a negative PI-BVDV herd status. Thereafter, any newly acquired replacement (female or bull) must be tested prior to introduction to the established herd. The first calf from a purchased cow must also be tested to maintain the negative PI-BVDV herd status. Mandatory full membership surveillance testing occurs on years that end in a five or zero.

The Integrity Beef Alliance has previously and is currently obtaining PI-BVD testing services through Cattle Stats, LLC at a membership discounted rate The Alliance member is responsible for PI-BVD testing and is responsible for all billing and expenses. The estimated cost of PI-BVD testing is $3/head.